1. Inadequate or Incomplete First Assessment

The very first assessment involves meticulous testing for the underlying vein problem with Duplex Ultrasound. Many doctors and physicians who assess their customers either neglect to do an Ultrasound, outsource their ultrasound to an additional sonographer or radiology department who aren’t specialized in varicose vein treatments or essentially do not really know just how to do an enough ultrasound on their own. If underlying veins aren’t mapped out properly, then the treatment solutions are doomed to failure.

  1. Failing to treat feeder veins reticular veins before curing spider veins telangiectasia

This is actually the most common problem Phlebologists encounter. It’s going to result to the development of quite fine veins/capillaries that we refer to as Matting and will usually lead to early reoccurrence. Patients often comment that they experienced sclerotherapy before and that it couldn’t work. This is the main good reason why.

  1. Lack of Adequate Experience

A Phlebologist who has undergone hundreds of several years of education into the industry of unhealthy vein sickness and who constantly keeps approximately date with breakthroughs in treatment and technology will usually have the essential resources to tackle any problem that walks through the home.

  1. The Incorrect Treatment

It’s unfortunate that some surgeons nevertheless choose to choose Vein losing ahead of the much less unpleasant, much more safer and efficient alternatives for example Endovenous Laser Vein Treatment San Diego, Radiofrequency Ablation, Venaseal Glue and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy. The initial top priority as doctors and specialists is our patient’s safety and long term health. Invasive and Stripping Surgery is unacceptable in today’s age and day and is neither safe nor successful within the long-term.

  1. Inadequate of Incomplete follow-up

In my experience, that is one of the most important mistakes made by most Vein Doctors. Regardless of who treats veins or how they are treated, ALL treatments should be followed up to confirm that the treatment was good.


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