Whether you’re a recognized window cleaning business, have actually recently arranged, or are merely thinking about the basic notion  of starting your own personal. You have to understand specifically what you ought to succeed, and that starts with all  the window cleansing kit you’ll  need.

We’ve been people that are helping you for over ten years, and so are releasing this web site to produce much more value for the members.

We’re going to let you understand how to offer sparkling, streak less windows for yourselves and your customers. This post is principally looking at old-fashioned practices since the kit is normally cheaper and where most will start.

If you’re going to be travelling around a big area and cleansing some windows, you must have a durable, lightweight and portable cleaning kit.


You should think about ordering a starter kit that will include many of these components if you’re starting out with your window cleaning business. You might not need them all but is handy to have in your kit anyhow.


Here’s just what you’ll need in your screen cleaning kit:

a severe squeegee and mop:

It’s also possible to require a tiny brush to clear stubborn dust or cobwebs. You’d then make use of your mop to soap up the agitate and window the dirt.


Always tackle these first, and use your window squeegee last to clear the glass of any water and soap.


Most house equipment stores will actually sell cheap squeegees that include a scrubber on a single part. Search for one that’s around ten or twelve ins in width though we would suggest looking for a more well-known brand over a generic hardware store one if you are serious. It shall endure you considerably longer, and you’ll probably access it with it better.


While a squeegee can last an extremely number of years, it’d be prudent to find one that makes use of replaceable rubber blades so that one can have them razor-sharp and clean, without the nicks or flaws.


Opt for in case your screen squeegee will fit on a telescopic pole. You may need one of these on occasions to reach hard to reach places.

Cotton cloths (scrim) and (or) microfiber rags:

The material regarding the cloths and rags you use  in your cleaning set is very essential, because the wrong types might leave traces on  the windows and ruin the nice finish that is clean of window.


Microfiber works extremely well for both detailing edges and cleaning and tiny missed bits. They’re also very reasonable.


Soap and Polish:

Generally speaking, all you really need is some regular dish soap for window cleaning in San Diego. Yes, there are various other choices and ingredients in the marketplace, but when you start out and truthfully even though you’ve got been carrying it out for a long time dish soap is just fine. You shall need to test which brand name you prefer, some provide a better glide on the glass, so it will likely be down seriously to you to definitely try them.


Action or complete ladder:

Considering some contemporary houses are multi-story, it is most likely you’re likely to need some type of level to get at them, and whilst a few  of your consumers could  have ladders of their very own, it’s probably most readily useful that you have one in your kit if necessary.


It might make sense to invest in both options while we mentioned extendable squeegees earlier, this is another case where.


Large bucket:

A large bucket will typically be readily available at a local hardware store, high quality, and affordable like most of the equipment, we’re going to need in your kit. You may get buckets specifically made for window cleaning with handles and storage compartments, and now we would recommend these over  a conventional bucket.


A number of these are made to hold between 12 and 24 liters of water. If you’re opting for the larger capacity water storage, we might suggest finding a bucket set on some sturdy tires, therefore it around that you don’t have to carry.

In conclusion:

As we’ve discussed, whoever is seriously interested in their screen cleaning business – whether you’re a relative newcomer or established veteran – should consider these choices for their cleansing kits.


Whilst we’ve mentioned the affordable and long-lasting nature of a lot of the gear you’ll need, you should think carefully on how much you can spend in to the best possible materials for your needs.


In the end, you will want your customers become pleased, and better gear will probably leave a much better impression on the windows.


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