Water Damage In La Jolla

When weather strikes and you have water damage in Carmel Valley, this is not the time to do everything yourself. There are many procedures requiring an array of equipment that would be expensive to rent, and if you don’t know how to properly use that equipment, might cause additional damage. What you can do, however, is make every effort to remove as much water as possible.
Removing excess water after a flood or leaky plumbing can be achieved by utilizing fans, rented sump pumps, and any materials that can absorb water. But understand that if you use equipment that requires electricity, you must plug electrical cords into a socket where there is no standing water nearby. Once this is accomplished your restoration specialists can take care of the remainder of the process to rid your home or structure of water damage in Carmel Valley.
While you’re awaiting the arrival of the restoration specialists, you can continue to inspect the damage – but be careful! If flooding occurred in your basement be mindful of any hanging, loose or dangling wires since they can conduct electricity. You should turn off your home’s breaker switches before you approach the water.
If the flooding is from a plumbing leak you’ll have to decide if the water is clean or from a sewer leak. Your nose can tell you if the water is clean or sewer water, of course. If it’s the latter, be sure to wear protective clothing before you have contact with the water. Sewer water is full of pollutants and bacteria, so you’ll want to wear boots and rubber gloves as a precaution. Everything else should be left to the professionals, of course.
If the water is clean, turn off the water main, but if it’s sewer water don’t use anything that requires a drain: don’t flush toilets, don’t use the dishwasher or washing machine. This will obviously only make matters worse by pumping more effluvia into your home.
Besides contacting a restoration company and a plumber, you’ll need to contact your insurance company first since they’ll need to know the type of flooding and suggest the proper claim to file.
If you are experiencing water damage in Carmel Valley do not hesitate to call San Diego Water Damage Repair Experts We are open for emergency water damage services 24/7. Our highly experienced team is able to handle any size job and we will get you back in your home or business in no time!